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Simple and fast installation and server configuration. Setup in less than 1 minute.

Easy, fast and secure

Manage bare metal and virtual servers easily and fast with the hosting4devs control panel.

Cut Costs & Save Time

Save money and minimize system administration workload.

Web panel

Fast and responsive control panel.

Simple API

A simple API that provides complete control over your servers.


A powerful command-line interface to manage your machines.

Server monitoring

Monitor server resources and get real time metrics.

Snippets execution

Run snippets or scripts and visualize execution results. Save time managing your servers.

Apps and Hosting management

Create and deploy web hosting, modern apps and databases.

Email management

Create email accounts, forwarders... Fight spam with Apache SpamAssassin.

Much more

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The story

Initially, the project was born as a simple service aimed to manage a couple of virtual private servers, one provided by Linode and the other one provided by Digitalocean.

Later, new members joined the project and evolved the original idea into a full communication suite. This new team developed a set of libraries and services and have built a complete platform to ease the task of server management & monitoring.

hosting4devs is a concrete implementation over that system, offering a reliable, lightweight and affordable service for developers.

Edu Salguero

CEO & Developer

Miguel Ángel Graña

CTO & Developer

Supported Providers

  • Amazon Lightsail
  • Digitalocean
  • OVH
  • Vagrant

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